Speeding is a Main Cause of Auto Accidents

Speeding, aside from driving under the influence of alcohol is
one of the leading causes of highway collisions. It accounted
for about 32 percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths. The
percentage of crash deaths involving speeding was higher on
minor roads (38 percent) than on interstates and freeways
(30 percent) or on other major roads (29 percent) in 2007.

Most of the states have statutory highway speed limits or apply
the basic speed rule which is that drivers should not drive faster
than what is safe in current conditions. For example, even if the
speed limit is 50 mph on the highway, but if there is a fog, driving
at the speed of 50mph is considered as driving too fast for the

Speeding is the most committed driver error and accounts for
the reason why most Americans have been issued traffic tickets.

Highway collisions are mostly due to human error, thus, in order
to reduce the number of fatalities, it is best for all drivers to drive
responsibly and always remember to follow the statutory speed
laws. Speeding in busy streets will not get you faster to your
destination, in fact, it will only take more time if you get pulled
over for a traffic violation or get involved in a highway collision.

Combining speed and canyon driving is a recipe for disaster.

Man walks away with only minor injuries from this accident just outside of heber city Utah. more

Rule #1- SLOW DOWN

Pay attention to all speed limit signs and warning signs.

"The number one thing people need to do in [Sardine Canyon] is to slow down." - Lee Perry UHP